BusinessCareer GuideNovember 11, 20215 Reasons you need Marketing skills

We all have our marketers under hibernation that keeps up whenever you are tweeting, posting an image on social media, talking about yourself, and obviously is wide awake while spreading awareness about your business. Marketing goes around everywhere. There may be lots of models used for marketing but if perceived well you will get to know, there is no right way of marketing unless you have your stocks all out to your customers.  Needed or...

BusinessNovember 11, 20215 Reasons why every small business should use social media.

Being a small fish in the ocean means keeping up the pace for survival among the bigger ones, likely being a part of a smaller business represents relentless marking and setting your line of the target audience to make space for your presence between the industry giants. Today, in the era of digitization, social media makes the role easier for the smaller fishes in the market. With the use of social media in your small...

Career GuideLifeNovember 11, 20215 Reasons to Learn Communication Skills

Communication gets you linked through all walks of your life, be it your today’s interview, sharing your perspective with your key clients, putting your point forward in any kind of discussion, or *coughs* confessing your feelings. If done right, everything goes on the right track. A very common question arises that ‘how are good communication skills going to help me anyway?’ Well, have you ever seen how younger children get what they want just by...

Career GuideNovember 11, 20215 Unspoken Office etiquettes that you should know

Joining a well-versed serious company after leaving a rock band or vice versa will likely result in a plethora of differences in the etiquettes followed in each work section and may lead to indifference in the behavior maintained that may not be liked by everyone and that’s when you need to follow the etiquettes that suit your workplace. The office etiquettes may vary with the type of job or role you play within the company...

LifeStrategyNovember 11, 2021What is the 80-20 Rule and what advantages does it put in your bag?

Are you thinking about what is the 80-20 rule that most of the biggest entrepreneurs are always talking about? But when asked to your movie-addicted friend, all you got to know was about the 80-20 diet rule that the celebrities follow and it seems that yes, that guy is right after finding the traces of the ‘80-20 diet rule’ on search engines. Here’s the 80-20 rule, also known as the Pareto Principle that you are...

“Honesty is a very expensive gift. Don’t expect it from cheap people.”

– Warren Buffett

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